Experience Professional Cooking at Home

Kitchen with Foster appliances

Our homes are our safe place. They are the place where we can let our guards down and be ourselves. It is a safe place where we feel loved and appreciated.  Well, our kitchen is the center of our homes. They are not only the most frequently visited area within the house, but they are also the workstation where we not only nourish our bodies, but enhance our spirits and family connections. Our kitchens are the place where delicious meals are prepared, and precious memories are created and shared. Our kitchens are the place where we can express our artistic creativity and individualities with our furniture, décor, and elegant appliances.

At Foster’s, we recognize that kitchen appliances are an integral part of an individual’s home. We are committed to creating appliances that are not just aesthetically pleasing and functional, but high-quality, modern, and long-lasting. All of our modern and stainless-steel appliances feature AFP or Anti-fingerprint coated material. Our specialized manufacturing and technologically advanced coating process provide optimum protection from external environment corrosions. Unlike other inexpensive plating choices, our nano-coating doesn’t break down, erode or produce toxins with time. Our coating is easy-to-clean, stain resistant, and of course repels fingerprints, so your appliances remain smudge free.

All of our range tops, cooktops, ovens, hoods, sinks, faucets, ranges, induction and other kitchen accessories from Foster are mostly made of AISI 304 Stainless steel and have a glamorous satin finish. These practical and stylish appliances also include features such as cast iron grids, burner covers, electric under-knob ignition, safety valves, power boost options, and more.

Known for innovative craftsmanship, our ranges feature robust cast-iron grids.  For instance, The Foster Milano Range top is high performing and robust, yet at the same time exquisite. This range has six-burner-hobs that provide a combined power of 8.4KW. It is indeed an energy efficient product that saves gas up to 25%. Our intelligent design features a beveled edge that creates a separation between the cooking zone and the kitchen counter, while the knobs, set on the slanted board, are ergonomic and a safe distance from the flame.

At Fosters, we have been a pioneer in innovative appliances for years and will continue to use ingenuity and elegance while creating our appliances. So, the next time you’re in the market for eco-friendly kitchen appliances that are unique and specially created to match your size and style, check us out at Fosters.


Live a quality life with Foster appliances and enjoy professional cooking at home.

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